next-generation Trainz on mobile
Drive the most realistic train
experience wherever you are!

next-generation Trainz on mobile
Drive the most realistic train
experience wherever you are!

App Reviews
Andrew Jackson
Honestly the best train game phones can get, very good game with incredible graphics. Definitely recommended!
Miloš Plíhal
The game is great, the graphics are perfect. Developers great succeeded. Congratulations.
Andreas Lalidis
The best .... and the only real train simulator in the app store !!!
Travel the world from the comfort of your home
Builtin Content Set
4 highly detailed locations.
21 gameplay session.
14 detailed locos.
54 wagons, carriages, and more.
Realistic & Easy Driving
Whether you're an experienced train driver or fresh on the job, Trainz has you covered with easy or realistic controls from external view or inside the cab.
No Camera Limits
Zoom seamlessly from satellite view right into cab view
(and back)
Operate An Entire Railroad
Switch between trains and give them simple AI commands to control your entire railroad and get those trains running!
Deliver freight and passengers to interactive industries or stations or create custom sessions with your favorite trains and rolling stock.
Expand with new DLC ranging from highly detailed routes to stunning new steam, electric and diesel trains!
Add to your train collection with our ever expanding range of high quality locomotives & rolling stock
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TS3 version 1.0 has everything you need, but we have big plans to make things even better, with new features being added regularly including
New Realistic In-Cab Control Mode
Operate throttle and brake levers, switches and more directly in 3D to bring you the most immersive train simulation experience on mobile ever!
New World Building Tools
Build your own worlds from scratch or edit existing worlds using the all new "Surveyor 2.0" world building experience.
Multiplayer Driver/Surveyor
Build worlds with your friends, in real-time or just drive and operate your railway in this amazing multiplayer experience across PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
More Train Placement & AI Options
Making it even easier to Issue complex sets of commands to your AI Drivers and make your own custom session
Trainz Mobile, Get On Board
Here are several questions/answers you might find useful
Purchase Questions
When will TS3 be released?
Trainz Simulator 3 will be available to purchase on August 18, 2021 from the App Store and Google Play Store. Pre-orders are open now on iOS and coming soon on Google Play.
How do I order?
Simply click the link for your store and you will see the product page. You can find order buttons at the top and bottom of this page.
Will the game be available on other app stores?
Currently TS3 is only available on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users. We may include other stores at a later date.
Will the app be paid or free?
TS3 has taken many years to develop and is a paid app. The price is USD$7.99 or equivalent.
Product Questions
What features are included at release?
At release, TS3 provides a complete train driving experience. You can drive the player train in the structured sessions, take charge of AI trains, or place your own locos and rolling stock to create your own driving sessions.

Additional features will be added over time.
Which features will be added later?
Our plans include adding a range of additional features over time. The exact order and timing of these features is subject to change and some features may require additional purchase.

Planned features currently include:
  • New Realistic In-Cab Control Mode
  • Multiplayer Driver/Surveyor
  • New World Building Tools
  • More Train Placement & AI Options
  • Localised versions in 10+ languages
What content is included at release?
There are 4 routes with 25 sessions and 25 locos at release.

You can also expand your Trainz Collection with in-app purchases of additional routes, sessions, locos and rolling stock.
How much space does TS3 require?
The initial install is 4GB.
Does TS3 include Multiplayer?
Not yet, but this feature is planned for a later date.
Does TS3 include World Builder tools?
Not at release. This feature is planned for a later date.
Is the game localised in my native language?
We will be releasing localised versions in future updates. To help ensure your language is included, please visit our Translation Page.
Can I turn shadows on for Android?
Unfortunately the Android version does not support shadows.
How do I purchase additional content?
Once in the game, use the top right Radial Menu, then tap on Content Store to scroll through the DLC routes, sessions and locos.

We will be adding more DLC items on a regular basis.
Support Questions
What does "Your device is not compatible" mean?
This means that your device does not meet our current minimum hardware requirements. You can check the list below to see if your device has the required hardware.
Which devices are compatible?
The list of compatible devices at release is shown below.


iPad Air (3rd generation)
iPad Air (4th generation)
iPad (5th generation)
iPad (6th generation)
iPad (7th generation)
iPad (8th generation)
iPad Mini (5th generation)
iPad Pro (1st, 9.7''/12.9")
iPad Pro (2nd, 10.5''/12.9'')
iPad Pro (3rd, 11"/12.9")
iPad Pro (4th, 11"/12.9")
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone Pro
iPhone Pro Max
iPhone SE (1st generation)
iPhone SE (2nd generation)
iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone 11
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPod Touch 5g
iPod Touch 6g
iPod Touch 7g


Certain low spec devices have been excluded based upon CPU or GPU.

To find your GPU, type your <model name> +spec into Google Search.E.g. Samsung S7 +specThen look for information like: GPU Mali-T880 MP12

The list of included GPU models is as follows:

Adreno 660
Adreno 650
Adreno 642
Adreno 640
Adreno 630
Adreno 620
Adreno 619
Adreno 618
Adreno 616
Adreno 615
Adreno 612
Adreno 610
Adreno 540
Adreno 530
Adreno 512
Adreno 642L


PowerVR 7XTP-MT4

*G71 supported models:
Exynos 8895
Exynos 7905
Exynos 7885
Exynos 7884B
Exynos 7880
HiSilicon Kirin 960

(Other models not currently supported)
Which devices are excluded?
Certain low spec devices have been excluded based upon CPU or GPU.

For iPhone and iPad check the supported device list.
iPhone 6 and older are not supported.
iPad Air and iPad 4th gen and earlier are not supported.

Android:To find your GPU, type your <model name> +spec into Google Search.
E.g. Samsung S7 +specThen look for information like: GPU Mali-T880 MP12

The list of excluded hardware is as follows:
*models not listed above are excluded

Adreno 520
Adreno 510
Adreno 509
Adreno 508 (Qualcomm SDM630 )
Adreno 506
Adreno 4xx
Adreno 3xx

PowerVR GM9446
PowerVR 8322
PowerVR G6430
PowerVR G6200
PowerVR G6110

Spreadtrum SC9863A
Spreadtrum T7510
Spreadtrum T618
Spreadtrum T610 (Mali-G52)
Spreadtrum T310

Why isn't my device supported?
In addition to 2GB of RAM, our game and game engine requires a powerful GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) and CPU. We have currently restricted access to devices that provide a good user experience.

We will continue to optimise our game content and engine and we may be able to add some more lower spec devices in the future.
The game does not start on my device. What can I do?
Please contact us at and provide details of your device.
I was a Beta Tester - what happens to my installed version of TS3?
Your version will continue to operate for a period of time but it will not be updated. If you uninstall it, you will not be able to reinstall it. To continue enjoying the latest Trainz you will need to purchase TS3 from the store.
Where can I report a bug?
You can send us a detailed bug report using this form HERE.
Google says my device is not compatible. What can I do?
Please complete THIS FORM to let us know your device details.

We will investigate if your device meets our minimum requirements or whether we are able to add it to our supported list.
Usability Questions
Can I create my own routes?
No, not yet. We plan to add world building tools at a later date.
Can I import my TD2/TS2 DLC items?
No. This app is a stand alone app and does not support content purchased in other versions of Trainz.
Can I import 3rd party content?
No. You can purchase additional content through the in-game Content Store.
How do I do XXX?
Looking for help on how to do something in-game?
Head to our support page for more information
Trainz Mobile, Get On Board