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MPS Export Just Released!
Create your routes online using Multiplayer Surveyor then export them to continue using them offline. Enjoy the flexibility to upload and download routes to and from MPS anytime with Trainz Plus
... wait ... WHAT?
Don't worry, we aren't turning into a tree simulator... but
we are getting a new foliage system!
New Foliage System!
We've been hard at work growing new foliage technology to put the seeds of creation back into your hands!

Treez is currently in the beta stage where we are making sure the creation pipeline, visual quality and performance of the new system will breathe new life into this core component for all routes.
New Asset Creation Software

PlantFactory is a very powerful FREE tool to allow Trainz content creators to construct 3D Trees and Plants.

The Trainz wiki gives you more technical information on how to download and use this software.

Using PlantFactory to build your trees is recommend, but not required.

Simple LOD Generation

Performance is key to allowing more dense environments. To achieve better performance, you need good "Level of Detail" or LODs with your foliage assets. PlantFactory provides everything you need to produce custom low poly models at every level.

Imposters ( new billboard system )

In order to get maximum performance on the lowest LOD, Trainz is introducing a new billboarding system called "Imposters". Trainz automatically generates camera facing billboards for each asset's lowest LOD, in real-time! This helps improve performance, not just for trees but most other scenery and even rolling stock!

New Materials

There are two new materials to choose from when creating your leaves on your trees and plants.

They are m.leafcard and m.leafcardbillboard.

Use m.leafcardbillboard when creating a tree with camera facing leaf cards. For all other leaves, use m.leafcard. The Trainz Wiki has more technical details.

Treez Creator Sign Up
Are you a content creator interested in trying out the new foliage system? There are limited spots so get in quick if you think you have a green thumb!
Additional Treez Information
We know many will have questions so hopefully this answers a few of them.
If you have more questions, jump on discord and ask in the Treez channel.
Why the change from SpeedTree to something else?
For many years now our preferred way to create trees and foliage was through the SpeedTree modeler. This meant our content community had to purchase a SpeedTree license in addition to Trainz. This has been limiting for a lot of creators due to the additional cost. By rolling out a free and better solution for creators to use, it ensures that Trainz will start to see new growth in this area!
  • Will SpeedTree still work?
    We are making the switch away from SpeedTree as it is far too limiting for our community needs. This means when the next standalone desktop product releases, SpeedTree will not be included. We will have more to share about this once we're further along in the transition.
  • But my route uses SpeedTree...
    We have commenced preparations for creating all new tree assets to replace the large SpeedTree catalogue the community has come to use in their routes. When you load your route in future products, SpeedTrees will be replaced with appropriate trees and plants using the new foliage system.
  • Will the new trees have animated wind?
    Yes we plan to develop tree wind animation.
  • Will the new trees support free rotation and scaling?
    Like all scenery objects in Surveyor 2.0, the new foliage assets can be rotated in all directions. We're still testing various options for scaling but expect to have superior features to SpeedTree.
  • Can I make my own trees?
    YES! You can download the FREE PlantFactory tree creation tool and get detail instructions on getting started via our Trainz Wiki.
  • Do I need to use PlantFactory to create trees?
    No. The new foliage system uses .fbx format and is based on Trainz scenery assets so you can model your trees however you like. PlantFactory is a free tool that is designed specifically for creating trees and plants but you can create your 3D models in whatever software you choose.
  • Seasonal support?
    The new foliage assets will have full seasonal support like all other scenery assets.
  • Will this affect me if I upgrade TRS22 to the latest service pack?
    TRS22 will continue to support SpeedTree.
  • What if I don't want to change?
    TRS22 will continue to run with SpeedTree. At some point in the future this new foliage system will come online. More details will be released well in advance of the direction we will take with SpeedTree and this new system.
The new foliage system details describe the current state of the in-development feature and are subject to change.
Contact the Trainz Team via the Treez discord channel if you are interested in the Beta.
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Gone are the days of jagged cuttings and pointy cliffs.
HD Terrain gives you 1600x more data density to manipulate and texture the terrain.
HD terrain introduces Tessellation which dynamically adds and removes polygons from the terrain. You get ultra-detail up close and better performance in the distance.
HD Terrain gives you fine control with a brush radius as small as 0.12 meters to achieve far superior ground texture compositions.
Advanced Shadowing
HD Terrain combines real geometry shadowing with parallax soft shadowing producing a much more realistic shadow result.
Color Tinting
The brand-new "Color Tint" effect layer on HD Terrain allows you to paint over the ground textures for an even more dynamic scene. Highlight areas, add darkness where required, and use your artistic flair to greatly enhance the scene detail.
Displacement + Parallax
With Parallax only (5 and 10-meter terrain), there are significant limitations when viewing ground textures from certain camera angles. TRS19, TRS22 & TRS22 PE

HD Terrain combines Parallax and Displacement.
Displacement adds real geometry to deform the straight terrain edges which parallax takes full advantage of avoiding "jelly-like" textures on steep slopes. Trainz Plus
What Trainz Users are saying ...
  • Auto Convert to HD Terrain
    Just load your existing routes in Trainz Plus, bulk select all baseboards you wish to update using S20's marquee tool and convert them to HD.
  • High Performance
    The 5-meter terrain system uses multiple render passes, which greatly affects performance. HD Terrain renders much more efficiently in a single pass, and with the addition of displacement mapping, HD Terrain performs similarly to 5-meter terrain while achieving far superior results.
  • 3D Mini Map / Satellite Display
    HD Terrain is so efficient that it allows the mini map to retain all the 3D detail. No more 2D tiles to represented the 3D world.
  • Full S20 Tool Support
    Any S20 tools used on the 5-meter terrain can be used on the new HD terrain.
  • Good-bye Artifacts
    Smooth Diagonal Texturing means you can avoid those square looking ground textures.
    High Resolution Blends avoids blurry transparent ground texture blends.
    Cliffs / Cuttings / Embankments benefit from increased polygons to avoid unrealistic terrain and no more parallax artifacts on acute camera angles!
  • Scrapbook Support
    Create your own HD Terrain scrapbook assets and paint those edits to speed up route creation.
All HD Terrain details describe the current state of the in-development feature and are subject to change.
Looking for help with HD Terrain, find out some handy tips via our HD Terrain online documentation
HD Terrain OUT NOW!
HD Terrain just released so get in and start creating!
Trainz Living Railroad (TLR)
Dynamically Created & Automated Operations

Living Railroad is a totally new, automated approach to running your railroad.

Load up any route, and the Living Railroad Dispatch systems will dynamically query all available Industries, Passenger Stations, Train Vehicles and Drivers to create a list of potential Tasks.

Tasks are then prioritized based upon which Industries require goods, which Locomotives and Rolling Stock are suitable and then AI Commands are automatically created and issued to each available Driver.

The player can manage the Tasks and Drivers or choose to drive any train at any time.

TLR is also fully supported in multiplayer and MPS sessions.

TLR - Prototype #1
The first TLR release will be a prototype implementation of the freight operations.

The prototype system identifies and schedules individual deliveries between two industries. Players can dynamically adjust industry inputs and outputs, pause and resume schedules, and take control of any train.

Future releases will greatly expand this functionality to chain deliveries, optimize shunting and loading operations and add support for automated Passenger Schedules.

Users interested in a detailed run-through of the first phase for TLR can find the documentation at the following link.
New “Operations” User Interface

To support the new TLR systems, we’ve created several new “Details” dialogs and introduced new Activity Logs, Status displays, a Location Map, and more.

In Development
Editing In Driver Mode

Users can dynamically edit train cars and industries in real time in Driver mode. Adjust Industry inputs or outputs or add new loads to existing cars. You can also switch to Surveyor to add more rolling stock as demand requires.

TLR - Future Plans
By getting the prototype into the hands of Trainz Plus members and gathering your feedback, we will be able to better prioritize the next steps. Following are some of the features you can expect.
In Development
Dynamic Gameplay
Instead of having to manually define custom rules for every destination and operation, Living Railroad will automate the entire session creation process. The player can then make adjustments to further customize operations.
Concept Stage
Improved Freight Dispatch
Future expansions will add more prototypical operations including the ability to chain deliveries or to explicitly tag an area of track such as a yard, mainline or siding. Living Railroad Dispatch will then be able to use that additional data in the task generation process and give specific instructions to drop off, break up or reorganize any train.
Concept Stage
Passenger Schedules
The Passenger Scheduling system will automatically detect passenger stations, peak and off-peak demand, and set prototypical day/night schedules. Adding (or removing) trains and passenger cars in your session or adjusting passenger demand, will adjust the Schedule accordingly.
In Development
Management Interfaces

Additional new interfaces will be developed to monitor and tweak all the complexities of Living Railroad. This will allow everything from a simple overview of the railroad, to fine-grained editing of Passenger Schedules.

Concept Stage
Driver Assistance
The system will dynamically generate different levels of driving information including in-cab control hints, step-by-step dispatch instructions, player objectives, and automated navigation aids. You'll be able to custom configure which information is displayed in any Living Railroad session, from full tutorial mode to completely hands-off; all with no Route specific setup required.
When you sign up to a Trainz Plus membership you get access to exclusive Trainz Plus functionality and content as well as a stack of other Trainz products including the latest Trainz product, TRS22 Platinum Edition!
6 Builtin Routes
Legacy world builder (Surveyor)
Multiplayer Surveyor (MPS)
( free tier only )
5 bonus routes & 21 bonus locos
Over 400 locos, cars & wagons
New world builder ( Surveyor 2.0 )
Enjoy brand new features first
Experience new content first
Multiplayer Surveyor (MPS)
HD Terrain ( New Feature )
Full DLC Access
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Trainz Plus also includes
  • 1
    First Class Ticket
    FCT for premium download speeds when it comes to downloading all Download Station assets.
  • 2
    Exclusive Loyalty Rewards
    Cool stuff especially for members (like Scrapbook Prefabs)
  • 3
    Exclusive Features & Content
    Trainz Plus gets all the latest features and content, long before any retail release.
  • 4
    Preview Pass
    GOLD only
    Preview Pass to explore new DLC packages before they get released to retail.
  • 5
    Trainz Store Discount
    GOLD only
    25% off all DLC in the Trainz Store
  • 6
    Trainz Rewards Bonus
    GOLD only
    3x Trainz Rewards accumulate pointz to use on the Trainz Store!
Trainz Comparison Video
If you're still confused as to which Trainz version to get your hands on then you best watch this comparison video to help you decide!
Here are just a few features that we have just released in the latest Trainz Plus update for both Standard and Gold Memberships
HD Terrain

The new "HD" grid offers 1600x times more data density than the old 5m grid and allows for ultra-detailed terrain and texturing. There is so much to showcase with this new feature that we have given HD Terrain its own section!

3D Thumbnails

Not all 2D thumbnails are made equally and for this reason we have added the option to switch to a 3D view of all your content so the preview is consistent when looking through content in the Assets Palette of S20.

22KM Draw Distance
We have increased the draw distance from 15km to 22km so now you can see even more detail than ever before!

HD terrain should go out to 30km regardless of your draw distance setting. You can set the master draw distance to 3km, it will still draw HD terrain out to 30km because the lowest LOD is super efficient!

Clutter GPU Accelerated

Clutter Effects has changed the way routes look on a micro detail scale but this system is just at the beginning as we have big plans for clutter.

To start with we are moving clutter to the GPU to increase performance so any clutter in your routes should start to be a lot more responsive.

In Alpha
DirectX 12

DX12 is key to more advanced Trainz engine features to come in the medium to long term. We also anticipate better game performance as our DirectX 12 implementation matures.

Surveyor 2.0
S20 is the best way to create in Trainz!
Surveyor 2.0 (S20)
S20 changes the way you create routes and sessions in Trainz! It streamlines your creation experience in so many ways and updates Trainz world building tools to a much more modern approach.
Find out all about S20 below!
Surveyor 2.0 - Online Guide
Route Creation Has Changed Forever!
Scrapbook is a major upgrade to the old Copy/Paste tools by way of painting, cloning and sharing.

Scrapbooks are a new Asset Type that provide the ability to copy and save a part of your route, then reuse that scene in other routes.
Multiple Baseboards Manipulation
Add or Delete Multiple Baseboards
To add new baseboards, simply drag the Marquee off the edge of the existing baseboards, then select Set Marquee to Brush Height. This will create new baseboards at the current brush height.

To delete baseboards, drag over one or more existing baseboard edges then use Context Menu > Delete Baseboards Containing Marquee.
Advanced Object Selection & Manipulation
Multi Object Select & Update
The Marquee Tool is used to create a rectangular selection box. All of the objects within the Selection Area are selected, along with the Ground, any Effect Layers, and the Ground Textures.

Use advanced options and filters to make your selection, then move, rotate, delete and perform many more actions on that selection.
New Gizmos
Move & Rotate
The gizmo is an important new concept in Trainz.
Gizmos can be used to move or rotate the selected objects, splines, terrain, and ground textures in any direction.

Each selected spline segment will display three gizmos - one for each vertex, and a single gizmo for the entire segment.
Contextual Menus
More Functionality For Selected Objects
When an object is selected, it is highlighted, and shows a Contextual Menu icon based upon the Asset Category.

Clicking the Menu Anchor will open the Contextual Menu, which lists a range of additional operations that can be applied to the selection. Different options are offered depending on the active tool and object types selected.
Introducing Palettes
S20 introduces a new system of Palettes that can each be moved, resized, minimised, shown, or hidden, so you can customize the layout of your workspace.

Palettes can provide detailed information about your selected objects, or a set of controls used to edit and manipulate everything within the world.
Assets Palette
The Power of Content Manager In-Game!
The Assets Palette lists all the assets available to you to use in the Route you are creating. To quickly narrow down the list of assets, use the preset Category Filters by clicking on any of the Filter icons or select a custom list/picklist.

Advanced functionality helps find objects in your route by using clever filters like "Filter Selection" or "Filter Visibility" on the assets listed.

And so much more...
  • Tools
    The Tools Palette provides a range of powerful tools that can be used to build your Trainz world. No more single tool for a single asset type. Use one tool across multiple assets!
  • Layers Palette
    List all route, session and effect layers to have them always in view and to show the current layer you are working in.
  • Brush
    The Brush Tool is now multi-purpose and used to painting ground textures, effect layers, scrapbook assets and terrain manipulation. And your brush is now unlimited in size!
  • Eyedropper
    Use the Eyedropper Tool to identify Assets in the 3D world, add them to picklists, get the ground height or instantly pick rolling stock, ground textures, scenery assets or splines and start painting or placing more.
  • Preview Palette
    No more teeny tiny 3D asset preview window. The new Preview Palette allows you to resize and reposition it to always have a clear 3D preview of the selected asset.
  • Many Additional S20 features
    Unlimited brush radius size, instantly see object and compass positions, easily find which layer you're working in or an object belongs to, perform bulk operations on multiple assets types and so much more!
How to Videos
Surveyor 2.0 - Tips
Over the coming weeks we are releasing some helpful videos on how to use Surveyor 2.0. Some topics are in depth while others are short and sweet but hopefully they give you a little more insight into how to use S20 and what makes it so much more powerful than classic Surveyor.
But WAIT, there's more!
Membership doesn't just give you Surveyor 2.0.
You also get access to our massive collection of content and features.
Exact benefits depend upon your membership choice.
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Latest Content Releases
The Trainz Store lists the newest releases that are available to all TRAINZ PLUS GOLD memberships.
Trainz Plus Standard members have access to a limited set of DLC.
Available for Trainz Plus GOLD
Budd RDC-1
RDC stands for rail diesel car, the self-propelled, stainless steel cars designed, developed and built by The Budd Company. Budd RDCs are powered by two underfloor diesel engines supplied by the Detroit Diesel Engine Division of General Motors. The cars operate in either direction as single units, or in any required multiple, controlled from a single station.
Available for Trainz Plus STANDARD and GOLD
Tornado - The A1 Steam Locomotive
Since making her debut on the Great Central Railway in 2008, Tornado has delighted enthusiasts around the country, operating specials on main lines and visiting other preserved railways. A great success story attesting to the tenacity of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust and the generosity of it's supporters.
Available for Trainz Plus STANDARD and GOLD
Datsun Junction Model Rail
Either sit back and enjoy constant track side action watching trains follow the various loops through towns, industries (and walls!), or take control to complete any of the switching tasks this route has to offer. This model railway version of Datsun Junction has been heavily modified and improved over years of development and looks right at home in your very own virtual basement.
Available for Trainz Plus STANDARD and GOLD
BR HST - Inter-City 125 & Midland Pullman
Jump on board the British Rail Intercity 125, aka the HST, in it's classic bright blue and yellow livery along with the modern recreation Midland Pullman livery!
Available for Trainz Plus GOLD
Blue Comet 2.0 - The Seashore's Finest Train
The famous Blue Comet passenger train awaits! Drive the Baldwin G3s pacific locomotive in early condition, in both blue and black liveries, a custom cab interior and a representation of the class as it appeared in later life on duty after Blue Comet services had been discontinued.
Available for Trainz Plus STANDARD and GOLD
British Model Railway
British Model Railway is a United Kingdom themed model train layout with small towns and a taste of the UK countryside while keeping you busy on this highly detailed layout. Shunt in the yards, provide passenger service, or just drive a freight train on the mainline.
Available for Trainz Plus STANDARD and GOLD
Amtrak Superliners
The bi-level Superliner cars are the most heavily used passenger equipment in North America. The average car travels an annual distance equal to seven trips around the world. The Amtrak Superliners DLC includes the following vehicles: AMTK P42DC Phase IV, Heritage Baggage (ex ATSF), Transition Sleeper, Sleeper, Diner, Sightseer Lounge, Coach and Coach Baggage
Content in Final Stage Development
Below lists a selection of new content additions for both Trainz Plus Standard and Trainz Plus Gold Memberships
  • BR Green Class 11 - Diesel Electric Shunter
  • BR Green Class 11 - Diesel Electric Shunter Interior
  • LMS/BR 3F 0-6-0T “Jinty”
  • LMS/BR 3F 0-6-0T “Jinty” - Interior View
  • BR 9F Evening Star - BR’s Last New Steam Locomotive
  • BR 9F Evening Star - Interior View
  • New Route: Immenstadt-Oberstdorf
  • ICE T Highspeed Train
  • ICE 1 Highspeed Train - 1st Class Interior
  • ICE 1 Highspeed Train - Drivers Cabin
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  • What is "Surveyor 2.0"?
    • We're glad you asked! We've been working on a massive overhaul of our "Surveyor" world building tools.
    • Trainz Plus Standard and Trainz Plus Gold members get exclusive access to the brand new Surveyor 2.0 world building tools. You can signup to Trainz Plus Standard or Trainz Plus Gold membership at any time to experience the next generation of Trainz world building tools.
  • Where can I find out more information?
    Please visit our Trainz Documentation site for more information and detailed guides on all the new features coming to Trainz Plus.
  • Multiplayer Surveyor
    Please visit our Trainz Documentation site under "Multiplayer Surveyor MPS" for more information and detailed guides on all features for MPS. This includes getting your own custom content routes up on MPS!

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