Bairnsdale to Orbost
1970-80s Victoria, Australia
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Get on board and experience
"Bairnsdale to Orbost"
a brand new Australian route!
Bairnsdale to Orbost Line 1970-80s
Bairnsdale to Orbost is a prototypical route set in the 1970-80s showing off an amazing recreation of an Australian outback railway.
The Orbost Rail Bridge
Trundle across the famed Snowy River floodplain bridge at Orbost, one of the longest timber bridges in Victoria.
VR T Class Locomotive and Cab
Climb into the fully detailed VR T Class interactive cabin interior and drive the 'High Cab' and 'Low Nose' T class locomotives!
Sessions Included
Drive to the harsh Aussie outback conditions while you transport freight from town to town along the winding countryside.
Early Morning / Late Afternoon
Sessions are constructed for early morning and late afternoon driving.
The True Blue Experience
Enjoy an amazing true blue Aussie experience with this highly detailed replica of a little slice of outback Australia.
The items below are coming soon to Trainz Plus.
TNI Physics
This gives third-party C++ developers the ability to create TNI plugins which implement entirely custom physics.
Multiplayer Surveyor Route RELEASED
The Sebino Lake route will be made available to edit and drive in MPS, including its full route-specific content set.
MacOS - Apple Metal
Metal will unlock superior performance for MacOS versions by replacing OpenGL 3.3/4.1.
MacOS - Apple Silicon
Trainz will be fully supported for the new M1 series Macs.
New Route
The next exclusive route release for Trainz Plus users will be "Bairnsdale to Orbost Line c1970-80s, AU".
Surveyor 2.0
This first phase of a larger surveyor upgrade will see enhanced UI and UX across the entire Surveyor module.
Trainz Plus members already have access to the following updates.
Multiplayer Surveyor (MPS)
In short, MPS is "Trainz in the cloud" where you can build, edit, drive and collaborate with people from around the world in a persistent collaborative environment.
New Route & Rolling Stock
Liskeard to Looe is a prototypical route based in the UK. offering 3 prototypical sessions, brand new Class 47 and Class 153 engines with full interactive cabs and full interior MK1 coaches.
New Effects Layer Tools
Bulk paint turf and clutter. Choose from ready-made presets. Effect layer masking. Preview mode.
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"Beloreck - South Ural Mountains, RU"
Get on board and experience
"Beloreck - South Ural Mountains"
a brand new Russian route!
Route: Beloreck - South Ural Mountains
Beloreck - South Ural Mountains is a faithful representation of the railways of Central Eurasia and the Ural Mountain range.
Two-system Electric Locomotive VL82
Experience the prototypical VL82 engine.
VL82 Cab
Climb into the fully detailed VL82 interactive cabin interior.
Sessions Included
Drive passenger and freight services offering a variety of rolling stock.
Dawn to Dusk
Sessions are constructed for day and night driving.
Highly Detailed Environments
Sit back and enjoy the amazing macro and micro detail that this beautifully crafted replica of the Ural Mountain range offers.
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Get on board and experience
"Liskeard to Looe"
a brand new UK route!
Route: Liskeard to Looe, UK
Liskeard to Looe is a stunning prototypical route based in the United Kingdom.
Class 47 Locomotive
Experience the new Class 47 engine in spectacular detail.
Class 47 Cab
Climb into the new Class 47 fully interactive cabin interior.
WCR Mk1 BSK Coach
Ride in the Mk1 Brake Second Corridor coach with full interior.
WCR Mk1 FO Coach
Get first class service in the Mk1 First Open coach with full interior.
WCR Mk1 TSO Coach
Sit back and enjoy the Mk1 Trailer Standard Open coach with full interior.
Class 153 GWR Green
Experience the all new Class 153 GWR Green loco.
Class 153 Cab
Take control of the Class 153 with fully prototypical cab interior.
Class 153 Regional Railways
Drive the new Class 153 Regional Railways engine.
Unified Driver Surveyor (UDS)
UDS allows you to instantly switch between Surveyor (building) to driving (Driver) and vice versa. No more loading between the two!
Game Controller Support
Controller support allows you to drive trains and control cameras within Driver.
New Camera Modes
Unified the Driver and Surveyor camera controls while adding more camera modes such as Car, Walk, Fly and Drone.
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