Trainz Simulator Localization
Help Translate Trainz
We've got this great new software and now you can help get Trainz into your language...

For the moment we are going to be focussing on the following languages:
Chinese Simplified
Portuguese, Brazilian
The Localization Process
Join the Trainz project on Crowdin (it's free)
We use localization software at This allows you to help localise the text strings from the game. Visit The Trainz Project Page to join.
Find your language and start translating
Once you are setup on Crowdin, you can start translating. Be sure to read the guides available before you start.
We take it from there
Once a language has been fully completed, we will take a pass over it with our specialists and begin the process of importing the translations into Trainz. In a future build those translations will appear in game for everyone to enjoy.
5 Step Quick Start Guide
Read the following quick start guide to get to grips with translating Trainz.
Step 1
Visit the Trainz Localization Project Page

If you do not already have an account on, you will be asked to create one during the process of using the tool (don't worry, it's free).

The first page you will see is our project page for localization. This page provides and overview of the languages and the progression.
Step 2
Select a File to Translate

Click on the filename or select the menu to the right of the filename and select "Translate" to go into the editor interface for this language and file.
Step 3
Translate the Strings

Select a string in the left hand menu. The central area will change with some suggestions from the machine translation and space for you to add your translation.

If you see a machine translation (MT) that is accurate you can select it to populate the translation area with it. From there you can either edit it or accept it as it is by clicking "Save".

Please Note: We are translating from English to your other language

Step 4
Exiting the editor

To leave the editor you can open the menu in the top left of the screen and click "Exit Editor". This will then take you back to the file selection page for your language.
Step 5
Voting on Translations

If you selected "Vote" from the file menu in step 2 you can help vote on quality of translations that have already been made.
Got questions? We've got answers.
How do I start?
You can follow the steps laid out in the 5 Step Quick Start Guide to learn how to use the localization tool.
When will new languages be added?
During the initial localization process we will only be focusing on the languages listed above. Over time we will analyse which languages would be most beneficial to add next.
I can only spare a small amount of time, is that OK?
That is perfectly fine, the system is setup so that its mostly only small one line strings that need to be translated. You can translate 1 string or as many as you like. It all helps.
What if I disagree with a translation?
The Crowdin platform allows you to submit your own translations even if someone else has already submitted one. other translators can then vote on the best translation for that string.
What if I don't want to translate and just proofread?
The system allows you to simply check the translations already submitted and vote for the best one.
When will my translations appear in the game?
As we complete blocks of localization for each language, we will start the integration process into the game client. Due to the need to integrate correctly as well as perform thorough testing your translations will appear in a future update.